Marketing Insight and Innovation

Marketing is both strategic and tactical. Great strategy without effective execution is wasted. A business’ competitive position and its industry’s maturity determine the appropriate emphasis on each.

We have provided a few articles that may help with developing your ideas and understanding of how best to use marketing within your business.

They also offer some specific advice and tools for implementing and executing marketing in the real-world.

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

The most familiar aspects of marketing – the so-called marketing mix and marketing communications areas – are marketing’s tactical elements. To be most effective these tactical areas must themselves be organised around a strategic approach. It is through marketing strategy that a business can most directly steer its fortunes. Focusing on strategic marketing innovations will establish a business’ competitive advantage, through which it will ensure its future growth and prosperity.

The strategic marketing approach focuses on things which will have a fundamental, usually long-term impact on a business’ performance. These include manoeuvring the business for sustainable competitive advantage and profitable growth, instigating transformational market change, setting the basis of competition, brand strategy, and the development and integration of internal capabilities for sustained market strength.

Marketing Insight Articles

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