About Marketing Minds

Who We Are

We are a firm of highly experienced marketing consultants based in Sydney, Australia. Our know-how comes from many years in senior roles at well-known companies, managing major brands.

We help businesses grow and become more profitable. We have particular strength in helping businesses who need to update their approach to the marketplace, perhaps through evolving their brand strategy or by addressing new market opportunities.

We have extensive skills in strategic marketing and strong abilities in the creation and management of integrated marketing campaigns, particularly those involving digital marketing techniques.

Our Perspective on Marketing

We view marketing as critical to the success of any business. Marketing is the major driver of competitiveness and of competitive advantage.

We therefore see marketing as having a leadership role in business. We do NOT see marketing simply as a service function to the rest of the company (though it should collaborate with many stakeholders), and we think of it as much more than marketing communications.

For more on what we are talking about, please explore the marketing insights section of our site.

Who We Can Help

We believe marketing is a topic for the owners of a business, principals and partners, business unit managers, and general managers. It is not just for people with marketing in their job title.

In companies who sell Business-to-Business (B2B), we help CMOs, Marketing Directors, Country Marketing Heads, Marketing Managers, Strategic Marketing leaders, Field Marketing Managers, Product Marketing Managers, and Marketing Operations Directors, as well as Demand Generation Managers, Inbound Marketing leaders, and Marketing Communications Managers.

If you are from an FMCG or perhaps a Finance or Telco industry background, you may have a title such as brand manager, category managers, market manager, sector manager, segment manager, customer insights manager, or business development manager. It’s all marketing and if you have such a title, you should find us useful.

Finally, you may notice that we are not “agency-side” people, though we hope visitors working in advertising, PR, and marketing service companies will find our work of value. Throughout the site we look at things from the “client side” perspective (in agency-speak).