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Marketing consulting services with a difference: Business first, marketing second.

Our consultants have a client-side business strategy and senior management background. Successful ownership of marketing strategy, not just agency or consulting backgrounds, has given us a highly commercial perspective.

Using marketing to drive competitive advantage we help managers develop market-winning strategy.

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Marketing Consulting Services

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Are you a growing business?  Do you want to use marketing to punch above your weight in the marketplace?

Are you an established business which needs some additional marketing muscle to lift you to the next level of growth?

Or do you need someone to come in and have an objective look at the way you are using marketing in your business and suggest improvements?

Marketing Minds can help.

Our marketing consultants provide marketing services to marketing directors, senior management and business owners.   We have two main types of assignment: specific marketing projects, or operating as your outsourced marketing department on an ongoing basis.  It's your choice entirely.

Marketing Services

We can help you with many things, but a list of our marketing services includes:

• Marketing strategy review

• Market opportunity assessment and sizing

• Marketing ROI audit

• Marketing plans

• Marketing campaigns and brand development

• Closer integration of Marketing and Sales

• Marketing database and CRM

• Marketing automation and lead nurturing

• Segmentation analysis of markets and customers

• Competitive positioning and strategy

• Market entry strategy

Marketing Consulting: Success through Collaboration

Our approach to marketing projects is one of collaboration. This reflects the great deal of situational knowledge required in most marketing work. We make consulting assignments a sequence of collaborative steps through which ideas and plans are progressively developed, drawing on the skills and knowledge of both the consultant and the client.


marketing plan development consulting methodology

We have advanced skills in applying strategic marketing techniques to successfully steer a business into new territory. Quite often this involves acting as a catalyst to help companies re-think their marketing strategy, whether driven by market opportunity or the need to keep pace with market changes.

Business Growth Initiatives

Marketing Minds Consulting services can be of particular benefit where companies are pursuing new business initiatives to boost their growth, perhaps entering new markets, introducing new products, or establishing innovative services.

Marketing Minds Consulting has particular strength in helping businesses bring clarity to the hardest decisions.  We can assist where new business models are being pursued, and we have particular expertise in consumer, B2B, start-up, and IP-based businesses.

Importantly, we have first-hand experience of the many challenges which growing businesses face.  We are particularly experienced at increasing profitability through improved alignment of marketing, sales, brand, and product management activities.

Marketing Consultants: Digital Marketing Expertise

Marketing Minds Consulting incorporates digital marketing and social media strategies as a standard part of our thinking. Digital is not a "bolt-on" for us. We have been using digital marketing techniques and online technologies continuously (and first hand) since the mid-1990s, often using them as part of transformational business strategy.

The sales and marketing professionals behind Marketing Minds have deep integrated marketing expertise, acquired through two decades in leadership roles at major organizations.

Serving Sydney and Australia

Our principal marketing consultants are in Sydney and NSW, Australia.  While the majority of our clients are also Sydney-based, we can provide assistance to businesses in other parts of Australia and wider-afield.  More ...

Marketing is like chess. Everyone can learn how the castle or the knight move. The skill is knowing how to build strategies, position yourself for advantage, anticipate, and respond to the unexpected. And most importantly - in the execution.